About us : StackMyJob.in

About us : StackMyJob.in

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“We help you find the right job in India, If the job is online in that, you will find it on our website, We help you get the right one.

With Company Reviews, You can check the ratings by employees, and judge which one is right for you. Find the average salaries for your job and know your right salary. Discuss and prepare for interviews with real interview questions posted by our users.

StackMyJob enables you to search jobs posted on thousands of websites. Employers also post jobs directly on us. No matter where a job is posted, it will be easy to find when you use StackMyJob.”

We provide latest notifications and discussions as the largest job community in India. Discuss a job with best opportunities around you.


StackMyJob.in is one of the India’s leading jobs boards, attracting around 100,000 jobseekers every month on the hunt for one of 3,000 live job ads the site carries at any one time. Thousands of recruiters from multinationals to smaller regionally-based businesses, recruitment consultants and advertising agencies use StackMyJob.in to recruit individuals across almost every sector in the India.

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